According to the Ordnance Survey (OS), over the last decade more and more children are refraining from taking part in outdoor activities as compared to their parents. The statistics show that about 38% of the parents have been camping, have built a den or collected bugs while on a trip as opposed to the children who only account for 16%. The numbers may vary from activity to activity but it is a pressing issue nonetheless. 

The Story Behind Wild Night Out

This campaign started back in 2017 which aimed at providing an opportunity to families and people of all age groups to indulge in different sorts of outdoor activities together. The main aim of this campaign was to urge parents to relive their childhood while also teaching their children about outdoor life and related skills. It is just a way for people to head out and have fun without excuses about their busy schedule. I have a few ideas of my own that I follow for a Wild Night Out even now.

Set up camp in the garden

If you don’t like camping in the woods, try camping out in your garden. You won’t need excessive gear and you can borrow most stuff from your friends who go for camping trips. It is a great way to overcome your fear of the outdoors. 

Star gazing under an open sky

If you love to see a clear sky filled with stars, you can look up some constellations and try to spot them on a clear night. This is a great way of introducing yourself as well as your kids to astronomy. You might want to carry a blanket as it can get cold at night under the open sky. 

Have a camping-style dinner

Have a wild night out in your garden, a local park or when in the mountains by packing up a camping stove with basic food items or semi-prepared meals that can be reheated or cooked, just to enjoy eating outdoors with your family.

Build a den and bond

Teach your kids how to build a den in the garden using objects found outdoors and indoors or from the woods nearby. This is a great bonding experience for the families. While trying not to damage the trees, build your den in such a way so you can also sleep in it at night.

Go for a swim at night

Swimming is fun but swimming under the moonlight is a serene experience in itself. However, this activity is best done in pairs or groups so as to avoid any mishaps (if any). Choose a loch or reservoir with open surroundings for the best experience.

Take a night-time stroll

If you live a little away from the city or near the woods, it will be good to take a walk from your lodgings to a nearby riverside, loch or a park. Carry a torch to find your way back and who knows you may spot some unusual natural phenomenon on your way.

So, these are some of the things that I like to fall upon when I am too tired after a busy week and spending a Wild Night Out refreshes me. Hope it does the same to you too.