Puffer jackets go by various names and so there are a variety of puffer or down jackets in the world of winter clothing. The price range also differs from affordable to expensive ones and you can choose a variety of styles as well to go with your winter wardrobe. It is no doubt a much richer addition to your wardrobe can make your winters more bearable, comfortable, and stylish.

Know Your Jacket Better

Puffer jackets, also known as down or quilted jackets have a signature design that resembles quilts and they are puffy in between the stitches. The puffy parts of the jacket are filled with synthetic fibers or down insulation that is highly regarded to provide warmth, though it depends on the synthetic fabric quality.

Another best feature of these jackets is that they are very warm despite being lightweight and unlike any other jackets, they are easy to carry when you are traveling somewhere. So, if you are looking for both warmth and lightweight, the puffer and down jackets are your best shot in comparison to leather or woollen jackets. Due to this reason, they are considered one of the best jackets for running, trekking, and camping during the winter months.

Insulation in Puffer Jackets

As already mentioned, the puffer jackets have synthetic insulation and are also lightweight. But, not all types of insulation have the same level of warmth. If you get a down-filled jacket, the level of warmth is more than what you will experience in a synthetic down jacket. On the other hand, the synthetic down jacket is more comfortable when the manufacturer knows even a little bit about how insulation works.

The air in the layers of insulation has a role to play in creating a barrier against the cold. In any superior synthetic down jacket, the high quilted materials retain the structure or loft of the synthetic fibers and so they are bound to keep you warm for a longer time. In a cheaper synthetic down jacket, the loss of fiber loft is faster that so they do not retain the warmth for longer, making you vulnerable to cold after a few times of wearing.

Role of Stitching Styles in Puffer Jackets

In most of the puffer jackets, you will find a combination of stitching and insulation layers. The most common stitch is the horizontal and vertical shapes, other geometric shapes like diamond have also proven to be more fitted and functional while lasting longer. You will find a variety of designs starting from smaller diamonds to larger triangles that allow different styling and fitting. The traditional horizontal puffs in some puffer jackets give a slim fit look than most puffers and are ideal for outer layers.

Quality, Warmth, and Style in Puffer Jackets

You might think that puffers are too bulky and could look quite unflattering when you are styling up with your everyday clothing. However, most of the puffer jackets you will find in the market now offer stylish fit with functionality. They are lightweight, warm and work for cold and cool weather. At the same time, you can style them up with any attire and feel comfortable without the weight of the jacket weighing you down.

Versatile at Its Best

Puffer jackets in bold colors and patterns with sneakers and joggers are probably one of the classic looks. Apart from this, you can pair up your puffer jacket with any type of clothing during the winter and complete your look whether casual or professional.