A warm welcome to all my readers. With my usual schedule of long working hours, short walks, gardening, and writing blog posts, I have another piece of news to share.

I am going on my first overseas trip since February 2020! We are going to Iceland and I have spent the entire week preparing for it. The original booking was made in 2018 but the pandemic put a halt to our plans.

The most exciting part of this trip is that we are going to explore Iceland on a motorbike. We are almost done with our packing, our bikes have arrived, all the routes and maps are loaded into my phone, the flight tickets are confirmed, and all the other necessities are being sorted out.

I would like to share some of the preparations that we did or are doing for this trip:


The Bikes

The most delightful part of this week was when we discovered that our bikes have arrived in Iceland. I received my waybill from the shipping company that confirmed the arrival of our shipment. The only thing getting me worried is customs, but hopefully, that too will get sorted out.

Packing- Joyful or Stressful?

I have a love-hate relationship with packing. I love it, for it requires planning and involves organising things which gets me excited for the adventure. And I hate it because it needs consideration of many things- comfort, climate, and the lingering question- Is it enough? Have you got it all?

Moreover whilst packing, you also have to make sure that everything at work is set and clear, which makes me loathe the entire process. For the Iceland trip, packing the motorcycle gear like boots and helmets with the other luggage was a headache.

There are certain last-minute things that I have to put in my luggage and thankfully, I have prepared a list for them so that nothing gets left behind.

A Mole Problem

It was a pleasant surprise for me when I learnt that small gardens get moles. We have a few in our little garden, but I let them stay because our neighbours have anti-mole devices installed in their gardens. Moreover, moles help in breaking the clayey soil and don’t eat my roses! But at this point, they are getting a little messy which is visible with the current condition of my garden. So, feel free to hit me up with any mole removal tips that you have!