Europe is dotted with spellbinding scenic beauty that is both relaxing for the mind and body. To experience these up close and personal, there is nothing better than going for a backpacking trip or hiking.

We have picked out a few locations that would definitely bring you the adventure you want during your trip:


Carrying a rich history, the country was one of the first civilizations on the planet that spread its influence on all cultures across the globe. The country is best to visit during summer when the weather is pretty bearable. The mainland has the iconic attractions with mind blowing history along with many islands.

Acropolis is one of the most famous places you can visit. Looking over Athens, this magnificent monument showcases marvellous ancient architecture designed during the reign of the great Roman Empire. The place is free to walk around. You can even visit the Parthenon temple and explore the surrounding area.  

For adventure lover, climbing the Mount Olympus would be the best thing to go for. Known as the “Mountain of the Gods”, this mountain would be a thrilling challenge to climb on.



This is among the most underrated places in the world. The serene beauty of this place won’t fade away from the mind even after years of your visit. You can start your trip from the capital Sofia and then move to the beautiful Veliko Tarnovo city. The sea capital Varna also has a lot that you can explore during your stay.

However, the country gives a much grander experience when you visit the magnificent mountains and the monasteries hidden in them.

Each city has pathways that you can explore. Some notable locations and other attractions include the Belogradchik Rocks, Buzludzha monastery, The God of Eyes, and Rila Monastery.  Nearly every major city has pathways in the wilderness to explore.

South of Italy

Southern Italy has unmatched beauty and simplicity that can nowhere be found. You can explore the beautiful town of Lecce that has great history attached to it. Knowns as the “Florence of the south”, Lecce has gorgeous places including the Piazza sant’ Oronzo and Piazza del Duomo.

The beaches on the Amalfi Coast are perfect for you to relax and unwind.


Famous for being the home of Dracula, Romania has much more to offer than a very few know about. The castles of Romania are stunning historical architectural marvels that you would enjoy visiting. Dating back to the 1800s, these lavish castles have interesting facts and incidents attached to them.

You can start your journey from the capital city Bucharest where you can check out the miniature Champs-Elysees, modelled on the original avenue that situated in Paris.

Explore the countryside where there is the Bran Castle, Decebal’s Head, and the Bigar waterfall. The entire Transylvania has beautiful landscape, gothic style churches, and cafes that you will have a great time exploring.


With such rich history and incomparable natural beauty, Europe was and still is one of the most sought after travel destinations for all types of travellers.