Imagine yourself at the top of the peak you always wanted to reach and then imagine yourself not being able to reach there because of your fear of heights. It’s difficult to reach the heights, but it is more difficult turning back without covering the last few hundred steps that would have helped you realise your dream.

Most of the climbers and hikers can’t make the final push to the top and enjoy the killer views they were dreaming about. It is all because of their fear of heights. The outdoor-minded people often struggle with heights, especially when their terrain level reaches Class 3+ territory.

This is the hiking class where many climbers and hikers start doubting if they can climb any further. In order to avoid such dilemma and prepare yourself both physically and mentally, you need to follow the below-mentioned techniques:

  1. Prepare Yourself in Many Ways

Climbing on a new terrain is potentially risky for a less experienced hiker. Apart from being physically prepared, you should always make sure your gears are intact and ready for use. Even though the weather must be perfectly fine, but to minimise the risk, you should always carry comfortable and proper fitting gear with you.

Do not forget to get some good sleep at night before your expedition and always carry appropriate amount of food and water with you during your trek.

  1. Always Practice and Build Your Confidence

Always practice in a controlled environment for improved stamina and confidence. People visiting the gym and practicing bouldering and sport climbing are often more confident for hiking on Class 3+ terrain. You can also join some local hiking groups and go for low risk hiking in order to become more comfortable with heights.



  1. Be Focused and Clear Your Thoughts

People like me who are regularly hiking follow a very simple technique to finally make it there. All I need to do is keep my pace steady and keep moving. This way I don’t get any useless thoughts in my mind and I remain focused throughout.

While on the other hand, people who are new should take a pause; consider the path to move ahead, steady their mind and move forward with full focus. This way they would be able to keep their pace up and remain confident throughout. In fact, such people should always practice the same thing in the normal course of their life. It will surely help them to be more focused and confident in everything they do.

  1. Remember, Patience Is the Key

You can never get rid of your fear. It is always there, but all you need to learn is to control it. If there would be no fear, you might land up risking your life with potentially dangerous things. So always try to live with it, but never let it overpower your dreams.

Never underrate yourself, otherwise you will be upset and frustrated about yourself.  The best way to control your fear is to focus on your energy and manage it with smartness. Work more on your strengths so that your weaknesses would look fading when it comes to fulfilling your dreams.

Remember, the problem is not your fear of heights; it’s the lack of confidence and preparedness.