There must be two types of people right now reading this blog. First, the inquisitive ones who are wondering if there are actually different WAYS to tie the hiking boots. Second are the ones, who have recently started with this new adventurous activity and want to learn this new stuff.

From whatever category you belong, there’s one thing you must understand that tying the laces of your school shoes versus tying them while going out for a hike or trek is completely different. Though there are a lot of ways you can knot the laces of your shoes according to the size of your foot, injuries, or blisters. Here we will discuss some common ways to do so.

Walk comfortably without tipping off while climbing those mighty mountains and hills.

The Surgeon’s Knot

This is the best way to tie the knot that holds the laces in place and prevents heel slip. The correct way to do it is:

  • Instead of crossing and continuing with the regular way of tying the laces, what you need to do is, take both the laces and loop them as if you’re going to tie them down there.
  • Now, loop it again, which should seem like you’re looping it again and pull the laces tight.
  • Continue up and repeat the same process. The laces will look like they’re locked and prevent your foot from slipping a lot.
  • When you’re done with this, you can tie the laces as you would normally do.
  • Make a loop, bring it around and make a knot properly.

That’s how you tie a surgeon’s knot and this will always secure your foot in the boot.


The Heel Lock Lacing

This type of lacing is done when you get blisters on your feet or maybe cannot feel it inside the shoe.

  • Look for those extra holes on the side of the shoes that we often ignore. Now, use those holes to create a loop on both sides.
  • Insert the lace backwards to form a small loop. This should be done both inside and outside as we are going to use these loops to execute the locks.
  • Now, you have loops on both sides. Cross the laces to insert into the loop of the opposite side.
  • Now first, you need to pull them down toward the shoe and knot up, which will create a tight and firm lock.
  • Lastly, you can tie the laces you would normally do.

This is how you do with the heel lock lacing that will help prevent any foot movement inside your boot.


The Window Lacing

This kind of lacing is done when your properly tied boots starts to cause a pressure point on your foot’s top. Tying the boots the window lacing way can help solve your problem.

  • What you need to do is, start unlacing your hiking boots down those hooks that are present just below the pressure point.
  • Go directly to the next hook and re-lace. Now, you can cross the laces over for a better and comfortable fit.
  • There you can tie your boots you would do regularly OR you can make a surgeon’s knot at the upper and lower edge of the window for a tighter grip.

This simple technique is a saviour for hikers with high insteps.


Final Words

So there you are with simple and effective ways of tying the hiking boots. Practice them at home or while going for a short walk, so the next time when you’re on the journey for a long hike, your boots will fit in a better way and ensure a comfortable walk.