With the unending thrill and excitement to find something bizarre every time you step out to explore is what adventure is. People with a thing for adventure can be found anywhere but there are only few who can go far to instigate that adrenaline rush. If you consider yourself as the one with endless dreams, hiking is one of those activities that not only satisfies your hunger for recreation but also changes the meaning of passion for you. 

Nothing like the well-guarded and supervised adventure sports, hiking is something that will take you to unexpected places on your own. Far away from the definition of calm, the hiking trails are meant for those who dare to go extreme by challenging the strengths on the most menacing routes. Thrilling yet risky, hiking is perfect for those looking for best adventure tales to add to their bag of experiences!

For those who love to push their limits now and again, we have levelled one step up and put together top 5 world’s life-threatening hiking trails around the world to trigger the wild in you!


Not for the faint-hearted, Via Ferrata is one of the difficult hikes in the Dolomites mountain range. Meaning Iron way in Italian, this hiking route is the one that soldiers crossed during the Second World War. It is nothing like the simple hiking trails with deadliest twists and turns. Despite being updated and becoming more accessible to the people with plenty of steel cables, ropes, walkways and suspension bridges, this route is still the scariest just like back in the 15th century. As you move towards the trail, get ready to face the sheer cliffs and tall edges while you secure yourself with a special carabiner which is uncommon for the hikers!


Named by the early region’s Dutch settlers, the Devil’s Path is the hardest and toughest hiking trails of all time. Located in the Catskill Mountains, the Devil’s Path in New York is not for the beginners. Seems to be easy in the beginning, it is known to scare the hell out of the most experienced ones. This hiking trail is 24 miles long including a 6-mile round-up hike to the Indian Mountain. Taking you through many ups and downs, this hiking trail is a dead-serious endeavour. As scary as it looks, the hiking trail cost many lives either by falling or having a heart attack! Combining the steep slopes, unrelenting climbs, and slippery roots, the Devil’s Path is a nightmare. 


Popularly called to be the ‘home of the world’s worst weather’, Mount Washington is another hiking trail that makes you think twice before attempting this adventure. Though the trail is quite simple and small, it is the weather that will take a shot at you! The weather at Mount Washington has always been unpredictable. With a wind speed of 231 miles per hour, it is very difficult for hikers to survive and escape the mountain unscathed. Another scary thing that you can learn about the mountain is the number of lives it had taken in years. Drenched to death by an avalanche, slipping off the ridges, or suffering from hypothermia, over 100 people have died till now!


One of the most popular hiking trails in Spain, the Caminito Del Rey attracts the attention of adventure junkies. Famous for being extremely dangerous, this hiking trail provides you with an exhilarating experience. Built by the workers at the hydroelectric power plants, the Kings Little Pathway was built between 1901 and 1905. Closed due to innumerable deaths and crumbled pathways, the trails remained shut for a decade before it was reopened fully in 2015. The trail is only a meter wide and 100 meters above the river below. Nonetheless, when the steeped paths and narrow walkway wasn’t enough, the precarious path sometimes pushes you across the edge with absolutely nothing below the feet. 


Easy yet a scary hike trail, it sounds weird, right? But actually, no. It is not at all weird when you are walking on an active volcano! The Mount Pinatubo is a stratovolcano located in the tripoint boundary of Philippines in the province of Zambales. It is an easy trail which takes about 50 minutes to 2 hours in total but what makes it scary is the evolving lava below you. It was laid dormant in 1991 after it erupted and took 800 lives. Destroying the ozone layer by lowering the temperatures, the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo was so big that its deadly trauma remained for years. Giving you a little happiness, the trail offers stunning views of cater lake along the way.

Though being adventurous is amazing but these deadliest hiking trails are something to give a thought upon. As thrilling as they are, they are not for the chicken-hearted. So, if you still want to get on these hiking trails to prove yourself, grab your backpack for this scariest adventure expedition to ditch the monotony of daily life. Choose one of these toughest hiking trails if you can, and be the proud storyteller! Best of Luck!