Camping with a hammock is becoming increasingly popular with hikers as it saves the hassle of tent setup plus the hiker gets to sleep above the ground. It has become a fun and practical alternative to sleeping on the ground and gives protection from snakes and scorpions. The hammocks also provide the opportunity to relax under the shade of the tree. If you have a tent, then hammocks can act as an extra place to sleep in case you do not want to spend your time in a tent. This blog will list a few more reasons why you should go camping with a hammock.

  1. Entertainment Opportunity for Kids

Kids love to use the hammock like a swing set. If you are out with kids, then hammock will act as a great distraction for kids while you prepare a meal or simply relax in other hammocks while they are busy.

  1. Lightweight and Can be Packed Easily

One of the main reasons why hammocks are so popular is that they are lightweight, easy to pack and carry during your trip. They can be easily rolled and won’t take much space in your backpack or car. Some hammocks can be folded down to the size of a water bottle that proves their utility in saving space while packing.

  1. Faster Setup Saves Time to Do More

Sometimes it happens that you don’t get enough time to set up a tent before sunset or want to rest but not able to find the right place. The faster set up of hammock allows you to relax in such situations. You can just light up a small bonfire nearby to keep unwanted wildlife away and relax for the whole night if the sky is clear.

  1. Hammocks Clubs Comfort with Convenience

The hammock provides comfort to sleep off the hard surface of the ground. This also keeps you away from ground bugs or rodents that crawl on the ground and thus leads to a night of undisturbed sleep.

  1. Perfect Solution to Connect with Nature

The hammock helps you reconnect with nature as you are sleeping in an open environment.  You can relish the clear sky full of the stars or admire the brightness of the full moon. During the day, you can appreciate the view around you while relaxing.

  1. Hammocks are relatively affordable

You don’t need to spend big bucks to buy a comfortable hammock for your trip. A decent hammock that can carry your weight usually costs very little and can easily fit into your budget. Try to buy an easy to fold hammock so that you can fit it in your backpack and carry it around easily.

  1. Hammock are easy to customise

Hammocks can be easily customised with more accessories as their load carrying capacity is high. You can add a rain cover to keep yourself dry in the rainy season and sleep above the damp ground. You can add sleeping pads for insulation to maintain warm temperature on colder nights.

So, this was our list of reasons to pick a hammock instead of a tent on your next camping trip. Add accessories to your hammock to make it work as a tent. if you don’ have a hammock in your backpack buy a new one to experience the convenience yourself. If you have already been to a hammock camping trip, then share your experience with us.