Woodland Walks with Kids

Kids can be thrilled to go into the woods since it is an opportunity to explore the nature and come out of their monotonous life. It is a place to get messy, run amok and have wild fun. They use their high-powered imagination, a little bit of planning and wildness to keep themselves involved in the woods.

Here are some of the ideas which can interest your kids and make them engrossed in the woods:

  • Draw: You can take a piece of crayon and paper to do the bark rubbings or leaf rubbings. Kids absolutely love colouring and this event will keep them engaged for a longer period of time.
  • Scavenger hunt: You can organise a scavenger hunt. Kids love collecting and picking things up. There are myriad of things to pick up and take them to your home. Carry a bag in order to collect all the treasures.
  • Climb: You can allow the kids to climb up the trees. But make sure that they are constantly supervised.
  • Noise: You can try making some noise in the woods. Pick up sticks of different sizes and textures and bang them against the barks of the trees. This would lead to a kind of noise. Analyse the type of noise.
  • Collecting: Collect some twigs, leaves and stones to make pictures with them. Write out their name or lay out a trail to follow.
  • Play hide and seek.: This has always been an all-time favourite game of kids. Trees are always a good place to hide behind. So, try it out by yourself and see how it goes!
  • Find a tree and hug it: Make a circle around the tree and see how many people are needed to complete the circle.
  • Take a camera: Do not forget to take a camera with yourself. Make the kids take photos of all the interesting things.
  • Start playing word games: Spell a word from the first letter of the alphabet of thing which you walk upon.
  • Jump/Splash: To make your journey adventurous, you can try jumping in the puddles or splash into them. This could be very messy but the fun you will get will be undoubtedly memorable.
  • Spot the wildlife: As you walk along the woods. Try to google about the species which you encounter in your journeys. This will enhance the kid’s knowledge practically.
  • Build a den: You are in the lap of nature. And hence will get a lot of natural building materials to use. Let the kids take the lead and let them make their own shelters. This will be a nice exercise for them.
  • Find a stone or conker: This will be a good motivation to the little ones when they are getting tired.
  • Feel a tree: Having a scarf or a blindfold can double your entertainment. Blindfold the kids and make them feel the trees. This will give them a new perspective to their life.

These are some of the ways in which you can make your journey into the woods entertaining and worth every moment. You can obviously go beyond these suggestions and make the trip awesome.


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