While Camping: Keep the Bugs Away

Camping with your loved ones is great and a fun way to spend intimate moments with family or friends, but between the excitement of packing our camping gear and deciding where to set camp, we often forget one thing that stings us later. We almost always forget keeping insect repellent sprays, creams, roll-ons etc. But don’t worry anymore as these tips will help you tackle the bug problem easily.

  1. Stay Covered from Top to Bottom

It is important that you stay covered in long sleeve jackets and full-length trousers all the time. While this is important, choose a fabric that is breathable and has air-wicking qualities to keep sweat away. Insects, as we know get attracted to odour and moisture so keeping dry and cool should be your motive at all times.

  1. Choose Bright Hues for Clothes

While camping or trekking, it is always advised that you wear something bright and colourful that makes you visible, but that’s not all. The other reason they forget to mention is that some bugs don’t like being around light or bright things.

  1. Cover the Head and Shoulders

After you are fully clothed, the only thing for the bugs left to attack is your neck and vulnerable face and head. So, it is helpful to wear a hat and cover your neck with a scarf or a bandana which will keep the insects and bugs at bay.

  1. Watch Out for the Grass

Bugs, for once love to stay in the grass. If you are thinking of pitching your tent near a grassy area to enjoy the luscious greens and the landscape, then you can’t be helped. The key to not getting bitten by a bug or an insect when you wake up in the morning is to pitch your tent away from the grassy patches.

  1. Go Traditional with Home Remedies

For some, it must be an old school trick but that’s what I prefer. Keeping the insects away using coconut oil or soap on your skin is actually a great way. Plus, eating garlic for breakfast can also come in handy, since most insects do not like the smell either and when garlic starts secreting through the pores on your body, they are less likely to bother you.

  1. Don’t go Near the Lake

Most campers and bloggers suggest that you find a spot that is near the lake so you can enjoy the scenery and serenity of the landscape. However, what stays unmentioned is that near means a safe distance from the lake or stream. It is very helpful to fetch water for purposes other than drinking but as we know, standing water also harbours a lot of insects and bugs. Plus, they love moisture, so it is more likely that you are prone to bug attacks more when you pitch your tent “near” the water body.

  1. Carry Mosquito Repellents

It is common sense, but if you want to hear it out loud, “you need to carry insect repellents. Be it in the form of creams, roll-on for clothes, sunscreen repellent, incense sticks, etc.

So, be prepared, plan your activities in advance and keep the bugs at bay with these simple yet useful tips and tricks.


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