What to know when considering a summer hike

Adventures like trekking and hiking are relaxing and take you away from the everyday hustle of daily life. For a true backpacker, nothing matters. All he needs is his bag, shoes, and a destination. But summer is not always so welcoming in the mountains and it is difficult for walkers to bear all the heat and exertion. Instead of facing difficulties, it is always better to be prepared and know how to keep yourself moving through the sweaty weather. Follow these simple hacks to enjoy nature without worrying about the weather.

Eat more, walk more – As well as drinking a lot of water you also need to eat as much as you can. The plus point of eating a lot is all that energy taken up by food is utilised by walking on a high elevation. Consume food rich in fat that gets burnt due to heat as you walk. Don’t eat junk as that would give you energy only for a limited period of time.

Don’t rush – Avoid panicking or thinking that you have to complete the trip within a particular time period. Walk slowly, take a moment, and breathe. Summer heat is not friendly to those who rush. So, there is no point in rushing as there are chances you might face health issues due to too much heat. Make a note of all the places you think might be too humid to walk and avoid them.

Lots and lots of water – While you are hiking/trekking, carry a lot of water bottles with you. Drink at regular intervals as water is one of the most important things to consume when the weather is exhausting. Summer is bound to make you feel dehydrated every once in a while.

Set up the tent in shade – Before deciding on a place to set your tent in, make sure that it is cool and airy. If the place is not shaded and sun-rays strike directly at the point, it would not only lead to a lot of sweating but also suffocation during the night. When you are backpacking, it is important to ensure that the place protects you from sun and your tent gets enough ventilation.

Dress according to the weather – When you are packing your bag for a trip remember that your clothes should be summer-friendly. Pack clothes that are airy, breathable, moisture wicking, and water absorbent. Avoid colours like black and dark blue as they are unforgiving and can increase your body heat.

There is no point worrying about the weather if you are an adventure junkie like me. Just head out but make sure you take necessary steps to enjoy the trip and make it memorable.


Cornishman and lover of adventures in the great wilderness, Mike has been writing on his website Wild Tide for three years. Jack of all outdoor pursuits (and master of none), he writes about everything he loves including: kayaking, camping, fishing, snorkelling, climbing, mountain scrambling, surfing, SUP, outdoor cooking, hiking, cycling, coastal living and his VW van. As a total gear junkie and technical clothing lover, Mike is excited and proud to write for Outdoor Look as well as Wild Tide.

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