Useful information when considering camping under the stars

Pack a bag and head out for an adventure of a lifetime! Bivvy camping is a fun memorable activity to indulge in with your friends. Bivvy backpacking gives you a wild sleeping experience where all you will need is your sleeping bag inside a bivvy (waterproof bag) and that is all!

If you want to get cozy with mother nature and sleep under the stars this trip is for you.

Below are some tips to ensure you make the most of camping under the stars:

Keep warm!

Believe it or not bivvy camping is possible during the winter months as long as you make sure you stay warm and safe. Exercising for up to 20 minutes before you bed down for the night can help retain your body heat as you sleep. You should also pack warm clothes, a blanket, and a hot water bottle to stay cozy.

Comfort is key!

Ensure you have enough food and water to keep up energy levels and keep you hydrated. Pack suitable clothing to keep you warm and comfortable when sleeping outdoors. To create some space between the ground and yourself, make sure to pack a camping mat on which you can sleep.

Stay safe!

Whether you’re going it alone or camping with friends always ensure that people know where you are going and how long. It is also handy to keep a GPS devise with you (preferably a mobile phone) and a spare battery pack in case you run out of charge. With this you can keep in touch with the outside world, in case you or any of your friends run into a problem.


A worthwhile view!

Set up camp where the view is amazing at night to put you in a good mood before you sleep. Some advice for a wild night adventure is to stay up late, wake up early, and leave the place spotless! Use only those things that can be packed again quickly.

Keep dry!

Staying dry is key for a safe and enjoyable trip. Ensure you have a waterproof bag for your bivvy to keep the rain out as you sleep. It can also double as waterproof protection for your belongings as you hike.

Pack light!

What you want is a lightweight bag with minimum, but necessary stuff to make sure you have an awesome experience without any shoulder pain.

Have fun!

The last and most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Every trip should be full of memories and this one guarantees that you will have interesting stories to tell when you get home.


Javier Olivo is a blogger and a writer by heart. In the past, Javier worked as a woodcarver in a furniture store in his hometown. Being exposed to the outdoors, he often likes to give advice to people who prefer trekking in the woods. During his free time, Javier loves going to the gym and playing football.

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