Tips To Travel Smart on a Low Budget

As travellers, we love to go to new places, explore new sites, wanting to make the most of our youth and just want to live free, but there's one thing that holds us back- Money!
After all, we are just young people, who are not making much and don’t have big bucks to throw around every time we go travelling.

I am the kind of traveller who would just go 300 miles in the opposite direction from my destination and take a connecting flight from there, trying to save a couple of hundred pounds.

If you love to travel, exploring new cities and cultures and are willing to compromise on comfort these awesome tips will help you chart out a plan for your next vacation with no hassle and at low expense.

Plan it out in advance

Plan out a whole itinerary and surf the internet to find the smallest of the attraction at your destination. Look for reviews, blogs and other online content related to your destination. For me, getting up early is the key so that I can do maximum things in one day. The secret to saving money is to fly to your destination in the off peak season because that is the time that flights are cheap and you get to see more unlike at high season when your destination is full of tourists.

Hit the streets

Rather than taking tour buses or guided tours, you would be better off looking around the city and soaking its beauty on your own. When I travelled to Guatemala, I  walked around the Oaxaca city, interacting with the locals, roaming around, finding little temples of local gods on the way, I got to see the city in all its glory, how the people live there and how different their lifestyle is from ours.

Interact with the locals

Interacting with the locals is the best way to find about the little hidden treasures during your trip. Every city has some local attraction that you might not be able to find out about on the internet but when you do, the experience is on a whole other level.  I am still thankful for that couple who told me about the Tikal pyramids, which were only an eight-hour bus ride away.

Also, on my trip to China, I found people who led me to the inner streets and I got to see the interesting nightlife of the cultured city.

Ditch comfort for a couple of nights

Try to find the cheapest place to stay in. Most of the times, I tend to switch to staying at a hostel rather than a fancy star rated hotel. After all, you just need a bed to sleep at night. Since I am always too excited about travelling, I don’t sleep much at night and I go out and explore the night-life of the city. After all, excitement makes you forget to sleep right?

The street food meals 

After cutting down on almost all the costs of travelling the money you are left with, is yours to spend. And what better way to spend it if not eating. While you are travelling, make sure you try out the local street food. On my visit to China, I remember being utterly satisfied with the tasty food from cheap food trucks and street carts when I was in Hangzhou.

So try to keep these tips in mind when you plan out a vacation and have a completely new type of experience at minimum cost.


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