Things I always do on my camping/hiking trips

During my initial camping days I don’t think that I ever followed a traditional routine. Over many years that I have been backpacking I have changed my laid back attitude and now have a set routine that has to be followed as soon as I arrive in the camp.

There are five quick and easy steps that can be followed during every backpacking trip which make a lot of difference to your mood, energy, and sleeping pattern.

Follow these few basic steps and make your campsite experience a much more pleasant experience.

Change into fresh clothes – Stay clean, wash off any sweat and dirt after daytime activity. Put on dry clean clothes as soon as you can and hang any wet gear to dry in the sun for the next day. On a warm day I usually stay in my damp hiking clothes until my body heat dries them.

Camp set up – It is usually a good idea to set up camp as soon as you arrive. Put up your tent, blow up your mattress and unpack your essentials so you can relax sooner. Once I am all done with the camp set up, I take out the kitchen gear, water, and everything that is needed for drinking and preparing food. On most of my camping trips, I take my camp chair so that I do not have to sit on a log or rock.

Take care of your body – One of the toughest jobs while hiking is carrying a backpack as it drains out a lot of energy. It does not matter whether I am carrying a light or heavy backpack, I always stretch my body for 1 0 minutes after coming back from the hike as my body is still warm. It helps in preventing sore muscles so I sleep a lot better. If you take my advice, all you need to do is stretch your calves, hamstrings, core, and quads for a few minutes.

Take care of your feet – Kick off your boots, remove your socks, and soak your feet in ice water. It allows your tired muscles to breathe and wash off the dirt. Most of the times, I go for a swim after stretching for some time as it allows my body to cool off and remove all the sweat and dust. This practice not only helps my body relax but also gives me a good nights sleep.

Body replenishment – Most of the times, I do not eat dinner, but my body still needs fuel to recover such as sodium, electrolytes, fat, and fluids. Most of the times I end up eating salami, pepperoni, cheese, nuts, crackers, and chocolate.

When you are going for a hiking trip it is essential to be prepared and follow some basic steps. If you head out without thinking much, there are a lot of chances that you may end up with a lot of trouble.


Mike has a real passion for cycling, hiking and just generally being outdoors. Being from Warrington, he is only a few hours away from North Wales, The Peak District, Yorkshire and the Lake District. He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and done a lot of the mountains in the Lake District. His new passion is walking his dog and enjoying a pint at the end.

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