Take 10 Shots of Adventure Documentaries Which You Wouldn't Want to Miss

Viewing adventure documentaries rekindles the spirit of adventure. Slipstream is one such streaming service which has ample of adventure documentaries to stream. It has different genre of adventure-related movies like climbing movies, biking journeys, outdoor lifestyle clips etc.

Following is the list of different adventure related documentaries and movies which surely shouldn’t be missed:

  • Across the Sky: This is about a professional slackliner who prefers to die from his passion rather than his boredom. It is about pushing the mental strength and human ingenuity. There are stunning visuals of Castle Valley who will left your palms sweaty and make you skip a heart beat.
  • Snowman: This is a story of a small-town boy who is hell bent on chasing his childhood dreams. He keeps on fighting against his adulthood. There are two best friends who tried to make their life in the real world but the passion for the mountains was too strong to be conceded. This is a thought-provoking documentary which shows the dangers which constantly mount in the hills.
  • Unbranded: This is one of the most beautiful and adventurous movies which has got all the nerves to make you feel into the movie. There are four riders who journey on the horseback and they take the wildest adventures of their lives. They are all fresh out of the college and take this ride as a way to rediscover their heart and soul.
  • Eclipse: Sky photographer, Reuben Krabbe tries to capture the dream shot of the eclipse by taking a unique expedition in the sky. Salomon, who was in partnership with Switchback Entertainment, documented the project and captured the drama and beauty of Northern Norway’s Svalbard region. Their efforts won them Best Film: Snow Sports at the mountain film festival in 2015.
  • Jumbo Wild: This is a true depiction of the wilderness areas in the North America. This place has been a stage for epic battle to protect the wilderness. It shows the eminent struggle for years which ensured that the proposed jumbo glacier resort was not made.
  • North of the Sun: If you have been in a stage where you cannot get your life back on the track, then this will be a sure shot rejuvenator. This was an independent adventure film, which has won the Banff: Grand Prize, People’s Choice Award in 2013 (amongst many other awards) documents the day-to-day lives of Inge Wegge and Jorn Ranum in their pursuit of paradise. Their adventure leads them to a remote beach on Norway’s northern coast. Great surf and simple living enrich their plans.

These are some among many of the adventure tonics which you can take and revive your spirit with the help of visuals.


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