Stay Prepared For Your Winter Mountain Hiking Even in Snow

If you’ve made up your mind to go on that adventurous winter mountain hike, then why worry about the snow? After all, that 3-inch white layer on the ground is what you have come for. Well, it's true that people do have some bad experiences and the most basic mistake is not packing the right kind of gear and also not being mentally prepared.

But you can avoid those mistakes by taking out a few minutes and reading this informational piece on how to prepare for the winter hiking.

Get Skilled up in Summer

Before you go for any level of winter hiking, always try to skill up in summer. Brush up your navigation skills and learn how to take the basic safety measures in night hiking. Most importantly, you should know about the weather conditions, check when the sun will rise and set. Make sure you inform someone where are you heading for and when will you be back, and your plan for emergencies if there are any. Navigation is really important, learning how to use the map and compass can bring you back safely if the weather turns bad.

An Ideal Pair of Boots

This may put a hole in your pocket, but having a pair of crampon-compatible boots are worth the price. Always see that you’re getting yourself the best boots on the market that are specially designed for winter hiking only. A perfect fit is also an important point of consideration. Do research, spend some time, and invest in the right pair. You can even give some time looking for the right ice axe. Steepness and terrain will decide the length. 55cm to 60cm is considered the perfect length for winter mountain hiking.

Test Your New Skill Set

It is advisable to first complete the winter mountaineering course and once you’re done with it, gear up yourself and go on for your first winter hike. Check if the weather is perfect for your first hike and ensure you’re taking a skilled winter hiker with you. Try to start as well as finish early and not be too adventurous with your speed approximations. Go with comparatively easy terrain and you can even join a local winter hiking club to see if you’re actually prepared for an advanced hike or not.

Right Winter Hiking Gear

Winter hiking not only demands great skills, but is also crucial to maintain your important hiking gear. Cold breeze and blinding snowstorms can be unbearable during winters. See if you have the right type of gears, if not, stock them up at the start of the time, like googles, hats, buffs, and spare gloves. Maintain your gears properly and they might last for a long time.

Winter is surely one of the most rewarding times of the year and if you prepare yourself the right way for the season, it can become your favourite season as well. Enjoy those stunning views and experience a great adventure safely.


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