Spend the Day Out-of-Doors Even if You Don’t Plan to Go Far

Going outdoors and enjoying nature is something that everybody should do. It’s a great way to keep depression and anxiety at bay. Going outdoors helps you stay active and also ends up cheering your mood. Most importantly, having a great day out-of-doors helps you gain emotional satisfaction.

Here are a few exciting exercises you can undertake while not going too far.

Hiking Can Help

Hiking offers a great way to avoid depression. It can also help you enhance the quality of your sleep.  You can go on a hiking trail with your family and friends. Hiking locations, more often than not, are visually pleasing. You can find waterfalls, wildflowers, vegetation, etc. Enjoy the nature in its purest form and explore creeks and meadows as you make your way up the hill while hiking.

Swimming is a Great Exercise

Jumping into a river is undoubtedly exciting. Looking at a river with a broader perspective would make us realise that rivers have a significant biological as well as cultural impact. Also, it is important to perverse the sanctity of river water.

Reading a Journal

Spending some time alone is really important. You can take a journal or one of your favourite novels along when you go outdoors. Introverts would certainly love to read a book while enjoying a day in the woods. Just take a blanket along and enjoy a relaxing day in the wilderness. It’d help you unchain your thoughts.


Leave your smartphone behind and organise a community gardening exercise. It is always a great idea to take a few people along and cultivating a few carrots and turnips in the garden. This would also help build leadership skills and instil a sense of teamwork within every team member.

Enjoying the Sky at Night

Gazing at the sky happens to be a preferred pastime at night. For those of us suffering from insomnia, gazing at the twinkling stars is a great exercise to undertake. You can look for local observatories nearby your house as well.

Building a Fort

Let the child within you run wild. To make a sand castle while spending a day at your favourite beach is very much childish, but it still remains a great way of enjoying the outdoors.

Napping in a Meadow

Yes, you heard it right! There’s nothing as peaceful and fulfilling as enjoying a hearty nap in a meadow. You’d have countless wildflowers and plants lying beside you. After being engulfed by the nature’s beauty, you’d feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Stillness, at times, can be the most beautiful thing you’d ever come across.

Snacking Around

Enjoying some wild food such as berries is exciting. You just need to undertake a little research before you plan to put those berries into your mouth. You can pick some strawberries while enjoying a day in this ‘wild-wild’ world.

Visiting a National Park Sounds Like a Great Idea

National Parks symbolise our heritage. It is advisable to pay public lands a visit. In this way, you’d learn to appreciate the beauty of flora and fauna. Also, if you are visiting the place for the first time, it is recommended that you travel your foot. This would help you experience the serenity of nature.


Chris shares his passion for cycling, hiking, skiing, and climbing from Buxton, in the Peak District. As a blogger for Outdoor Look, Chris shares outdoor tips and indoor tricks to help you get the most out of your time spent outside. When he's not out adventuring he's making videos or trying to keep up with his 4-year-old son.

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