Have you been missing out on adventures like camping ever since you became a parent? We have a solution for you – glamping. You may be wondering what glamping is. It is basically camping inside a car. We go glamping with our kids when we feel like spending some time in the outdoors and it is extremely enjoyable. Here are some reasons that make it the best way to camp with kids.

You Get to Enjoy

When you travel in your car, you can take anything and everything your kids enjoy, from books to monopoly to bikes, as long as it fits in the boot.

Glamping with Babies is easier

It is comfortable for both the mother and the baby to nurse while sitting in the comfort of the car. Babies tend to sleep better when they are lightly rocked and are covered fully.

Homemade meals

Glamping lets you have the space you need to pack your food on your own which is far better than the canned food you have to eat while backpacking or hiking. It is also better for growing kids to have a full meal.

Better Solutions to Avert Crisis

Younger kids often get car sick and a change in their surroundings often leads them to vomit and get irritated. But glamping allows you to make sure the kids are comfortable and get the rest they need so they can enjoy with the rest of the group.

Ready Access to Shelter

Another great thing about glamping is that in case of a sudden weather shift, an unexpected rain shower or a hotter day, a rain tarp or a pop-up tent can be used.

Carry bigger tents

Of course, with kids it is important that you carry bigger tents so that after having fun through the day in the tent, the kids don’t feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable and can sleep better back in the car.

Comfortable Nights

For a glamping weekend, we often carry memory foam pads to sleep on along with our pillows and even blankets. This helps you feel rejuvenated after your trip and gives you energy to get through the next week.

Easier Bug Shielding

When you go glamping, it is easier to cover the area you are going to sleep in with a bug shelter. If you have space to carry more stuff, you can even carry a propane-fuelled bug-repelling machine that will keep the area around you bug-free.

Well, these are some of the things that I do on our glamping trips and I have got to say, it is rejuvenating for us as well as the kids to spend a day or two out in the woods.