Just like so many areas of life, women are leading the way in snowsports! New research has revealed that women are responsible for 80% of overall spending in sporting goods and apparel, and they influence 92% of the money spent on winter holidays.

So it’s now wonder that the makers of snow sport and ski clothing are aiming to make their kit more appealing to women. This means that shrunken down male snowsports clothing is a thing of the past, and now women’s clothing is created in flattering female fits and gorgeous colours and designs.

And if women are also responsible for buying the kids their ski and snowsports clothing then it makes sense for it to appeal to the female sensibilities. Children’s snow sport clothing is often budget-friendly (women like a bargain!) and in cute designs.

While the guys might like to imagine that they choose all their own clothing it’s most likely the case that they defer to their gals. Men like to look good and women like to make sure their guys look good, so many men let women have the final say in the snowsport jackets and pants.

When it comes to base layers, socks and accessories it’s usually left to the wife or mum to make sure all the family is kitted out for warmth and comfort. The women know that guys prefer blacks and blues, but they actually like brighter colours and patterns so this will explain why the sale of all things bright and accessorising in the ski clothing world is going great guns.

So where do the men come in? When buying the skis, snowboards and boots, of course!