Everyone remembers the early snow in in the winter of 2010 (flurries could be seen across the country as early as the 24th November!) and the freezing temperatures of December 2009, and let’s not forget those gale force winds of winter 2011/2012…! So, what’s to become of our unpredictable UK weather this winter?

Some are predicting a much milder winter this year, with the Met Office suggesting a wet and blustery December with temperatures not expected to reach Cold Alert threshold values until further notice, but do we believe them… and can we really predict what this winter has in store for us?

The short answer is probably not! The UK is a beautiful and wondrous place at Christmas time, and the excitement of waking up to a blanket of snow, not knowing it was about to arrive is unbeatable! Building snowmen, making snow angels, having snowball fights, it’s all part of a good old British Winter! So… if (or more likely when) you wake up to a glistening sea of white this winter, get outside and make the most of it! Don’t let soggy feet or freezing hands keep you indoors, invest in some men’s and women’s winter snow boots and a good pair of gloves and enjoy our unpredictable weather!!

There aren’t many things we can plan for this winter… the car not starting, winter sniffles and, apparently, diminishing salt supplies… but let’s at least plan for one thing when we get dressed in the mornings – the unpredictable weather!

http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/learning/get-ready-for-winter the Met Office’s ‘Get Ready for Winter’ website has lots of useful information, from forecasts to advice on what preparations you and your family should make for unexpected weather this winter.