With the weather being bitterly cold, and often wet, many of us use these as an excuse to tell ourselves not to go out – preferring to stay in the warmth of our homes. But if you do brave the weather, you’ll be rewarded. Here’s why!

  • One of the worst things about hiking in the summer (although it doesn’t seem to put off the majority of hikers) is the heat. Overheating is never fun, and although you’ll probably still sweat during a long hike at any time of the year, it’s much more pleasant on a chilly winter day.
  • It’s beautiful out there. As nice as a clear blue summer sky is, don’t forget that with the winter, comes snow. There is something really stunning about a view of snow covered trees – something that you wouldn’t find at any other time of the year!


  • With the Christmas and New Year break over and done with, that means that children are back at school and adults are back at work, so the opportunity to explore with as little interruption as possible is one not to miss. On those busy days, loud crowds can be a pain, especially in comparison to the freedom – not mentioning the peace and quiet – that a hike at this time of the year brings! Additionally, if you live near a popular tourist attraction, now is also a good time to pay a visit to that too – without being rushed!
  • Hiking is a great way of keeping you fit and healthy at any time of the year, but in those winter months it is estimated that you burn up to fifty percent more calories! With far less activities to get involved in during the winter, you might be tempted to hibernate – don’t! Grab that winter gear that you have, and go explore! You’ll even meet some new people, what more could you want?
  • Bring a flask containing a hot drink, there’s nothing more enjoyable than that on a cold day!

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