It is forecast that this weekend, many parts of Britain will experience their first snowfall of 2016 – but if you were planning to go camping, don’t worry – you still can!

Here are some top tips to bear in mind when you’re preparing for some winter camping.

Make sure to plan ahead before you set off. Investing in suitable gear that will benefit you – not hinder you, is key. Small tips such as ensuring that your baselayers are made from materials which wick away moisture such as merino wool instead of cotton, will benefit you a lot. Also, plan your routes carefully – if there’s snow on the ground, they may be more difficult to distinguish.

Whilst you’re busy walking or setting up your camp you’ll warm up, but once you’re motionless in your sleeping bag – there’s a very high chance that your temperature will drop – a lot. Firstly, make sure to invest in a really good sleeping bag, and then do everything you can to keep it as warm as possible. Try lining the inside of your bag with a blanket – or anything that is an excellent insulator and will help to prevent the loss of your body heat. Maybe bring a hot water bottle? That should help!

With the amount of daylight and ‘warmer’ weather during the winter months being shorter than at other times of the year, you are likely to spend a copious amount of time inside your tent. With this being the case, try to bring something with you to entertain yourself, such as a book!


During the summer months, the tip of drinking water would be the most obvious piece of advice possible – but in winter many often forget. I can understand why, the thought of drinking cold water whilst your body is already chilly, is not the most appealing thing to do! During those cold days, it’s possible that your water bottles will freeze, so take the extra precautions to try and prevent that – maybe insulate it in a thick sock (which you could use as an additional layer afterwards)!

Make sure that you have enough fuel to cover your trip. The taste of a warm bowl of soup after a cold (but hopefully enjoyable) day is unrivalled, but the realisation that you can’t warm your food up due to an empty fuel canister is a sad one – so make sure that you’re prepared. If possible, prepare as much food as you can before you set off, although it would still be best to bring your stove with you anyway – just in case you decide you really do some want some freshly warmed up liquid (probably!) or even to melt the snow.

Last but not least – enjoy yourself. Although camping outside in the cold is daunting for many, the experience of being able to star gaze, as well as watch the sun and moon both set and rise, make it truly memorable.

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