Climbing is difficult, so may initially be perceived as too difficult for a child. But instead, it can have the opposite effect and teach children some important life skills. Climbing1 You may not be climbing every day, but the process of assessing a situation and planning the best steps to proceed can be invaluable. There will be successful and unsuccessful decisions, but each one will help to contribute to the progression of your child’s ability.

Who you surround yourself with can have a large impact on your life decisions, at any age. The younger we are, the more easily influenced we are likely to be, so surrounding your kids with climbers who are likely to be in good shape can promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Getting into good habits in terms of exercise and healthy eating from a young age can only benefit the individual as he/she grows up.

Climbing could potentially be seen as a dangerous activity for youngsters to undertake, but there are many climbing centres across the country which make it a very safe activity for anyone. Led by coaches and secured by ropes, climbing actually has very little risk of injury.

Skills that can be learnt whilst rock climbing can be used across a wide spectrum of activities. Even if this particular climbing activity isn’t continually undertaken, it sets them up with skills which will give them a head start in others. Route finding, for example, can be vital in many different areas – even for something as simple as hiking!

At a young age, kids are starting to find hobbies which they will get involved with and may or may not continue with into their teens and beyond. Climbing is a great way to teach someone invaluable life lessons and skills – it’s good fun too!

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