With TV, Smartphone, and other gadgets, the outside world gets easily overlooked by children. These gadgets not only limit them to indoors but also have a negative impact on their health. Spending time outdoors is important for children to improve their physical and mental health.

Recently, I read the government survey of 2016, which tells that around 74% of UK children spend less than 1 hour playing outdoors daily, which is not that shocking at all. With all the work commitments, meal times, school-runs, nursery, and other everyday tasks, outdoor trips get easily neglected. It’s usually easier not to take children outdoors.

The National Trust recently published a report that reveals how a ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ is generating all kinds of hidden problems for our children, like less use of the senses, lack of attentiveness, higher chances of physical and mental illnesses, and even the loss of normal abilities like determining danger while crossing the road.

It looks so cute when you see a little kid swiping the screen of a mobile or tablet but actually it’s more terrifying. The children are getting addicted to all these devices and gadget due to their parents only. How? When a kid cries and wants attention, parents or guardians just handover their phone to them with Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine or any YouTube video on to make them sit quietly.

Earlier, people used to watch TV at a set time, for instance- if a particular TV show comes at 5:30, so all were ready to watch it. But now, everyone has access to Now TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime, and other subscriptions, which allow them to watch any show anytime anywhere.

It is depressing to know that in Britain, children watch TV more than 17 hours a week, which means two-and-a-half hours daily.

It’s too easy to think of an excuse that your child likes being indoors, or they love watching TV more than den building in garden. These are just the ways to convince yourself to opt for a convenient option. In the short term, it may make your life simpler, but it will come up with horrible consequences in the long term.

The only solution to this problem is to get your children outdoors. It may happen that your kids don’t like riding bikes, playing football, or hiking, but it’s your responsibility to get them learn about outdoor fun. If not more, you should get them outdoors for an hour every day. This small change in their lifestyle will keep them active and attentive.

Spending time outdoors is important for adults too. So, it will be great if you accompany your children when riding a bike or playing football. This will not only keep you and your children healthy but also help you know your children better.

So, the next time your children ask you to play in the park, don’t go for the easy option, rather let them go outside and enjoy. The outdoor world is waiting for them!