It seems that catching the bus is good for a whole host of reasons. It’s good for the environment and your bank balance. But it’s also god for your mental and physical health. Two reports show that people who catch the bus are generally less stressed and also walk the equivalent of 11 marathons each year, simply by walking to and from the bus stop.

Research reveals the health benefits of catching the bus

Research by Greener Journeys  reveals that “catching the bus is less stressful than using the car”. Meanwhile another study, on behalf of Greener Journeys, and carried out by Dr David Lewis, of the University of Sussex, found that people who travel by bus daily, walk almost 460km (286 miles) per year. This is the equivalent of walking 11 marathons – or the full length of the Pennine Way

According to the 2010 Health Survey, two thirds of British adults don't get enough exercise, not even on a daily basis.  The recommendation is doing 150 minutes of physical activity each week, which is the equivalent of walking only a mile a day

If you walk to the bus or train station each day then the chances are you are totting up your daily activity levels without even realising it.

How to walk your way to better health

Other ways to add miles to your walking without even trying:

  • Park the car at the furthest point from the supermarket in the car park. Walking to the store and then back, laden with shopping bags, is a work out in itself.
  • Walk the kids to and from school a few times each week.
  • Walk to the local shops or the swimming pool with your family at the weekend.
  • Walk to your friend’s house instead of jumping in the car.
  • Walk and talk instead of driving to a cafe to meet a friend.