Walking in the UK means being prepared for all kinds of weather, so the walking clothes you take with you should reflect this. We all enjoy taking the minimum of kit with us when planning a day’s walk and the following list reflects this. It is no means exhaustive but should help you make your decisions when it comes to what to wear and what to pack in that rucksack so that the day can be enjoyable, whatever the weather.

Boots/Shoes: These should be good quality, robust and waterproof. This item should be the foundation on which you build the rest of your kit. Get the bestboot for the type of walks you are planning. Look after your feet, because if they aare not happy, you aren’t likely to get very far at all.

Socks: Consider both inner and outer, or a pair of combined socks. In addition it’s always a bonus to put a spare pair in your rucksack, as there is nothing better than being able to put a dry pair of socks on during a rain affected walk, or if you have literally put your foot in it when crossing that stream.

Trousers: These should be lightweight and quick drying. Jeans aren’t really suitable as they become heavy when wet and take to long to dry out. Although shorts or zip off trousers are great choices for the summer.

Base Layer: With or without sleeves, depending on time of year or personal choice, this can be a simple everyday t-shirt, or something more purpose built.

Inner Layer: A thin fleece or sweater is ideal.

Outer Layer: A heavier fleece. The idea of layering is nothing new as you use each layer to trap air as a layer of insulation, although you may want to consider a 3-in-1 jacket, combining fleece and waterproof outer. Remember, it is easy to take off individual layers as you warm up, or add them as you ascend to higher levels.

Hat & Gloves: Gloves obviously of more use in the winter months, but thinsulate materials with waterproof coating should be considered. Hats are useful all year round, whether it’s a woolly for the winter or a baseball cap for the summer. As I wear glasses I tend to wear a baseball cap all year round as the brim keeps the sun off in the summer and keeps the rain away too. Winter it’s a matter of hood over the cap, sorted!

Waterproofs: Whether it’s a jacket, overtrousers or gaiters, the choice here is tremendous as to whether you have these incorporated into your outer layer, for the jacket, or have something packable for using as and when required. This is always dependant on the time of year, the planned walks and your own personal preference.

I have only talked about walking clothes here, and there are other items you would need, but what ever your clothing requirements, our range of outdoor clothing at Outdoor Look will have you out on those hills before you kow it. So check out the website and get those bargains now.