We can hardly contain our excitement as we start to smell spring in the air. Suddenly, flowers are blooming across the UK and weather forecasters are predicting that we’re in for several weeks of mild weather. Temperatures are already above average for the time of year, with some parts of the country enjoying highs of 14C over the weekend.

The reason for the fine conditions is a weather system coming in from the Atlantic, which is relatively warm this time of year.

What to wear outdoors in spring

There’s no need for a complete outdoors clothing wardrobe overhaul – but you may want to add or adapt a few well-chosen items. Stick to our baselayers guide, which allows you to take off or add thinner layers according to temperatures.

You could ditch a thicker fleece and wear a thinner fleece jacket, and on sunny days why not dare to bare your arms in a baselayer t-shirt or vest? For days when you're not sure if it will be warmer or cooler, why not go for a bodywarmer?

In spring, there is usually a higher chance of wet weather so a lightweight but high quality waterproof jacket is a must. For fine days outdoors choose a jacket that can be packed away and stowed in your rucksack. Look for windproof jackets, too.

Lightweight walking boots, and even walking shoes, are ideal for hill walking and countryside strolls in spring. With conditions underfoot more favourable than during the muddy and icy winter months, you will enjoy wearing boots that keep you on track but do not feel so heavy.

Look for boots with a solid and robust tread and also ones that allow oyur sweaty feet to breath. If you’re planning to be out in the countryside on multi-day trips it’s important that the boots are also made of a waterproof material.

One thing to think about when buying new boots is that you are wearing the right walking socks when trying on the boots. In spring you’ll want to wear a lighter weight sock so make sure that you have these on when you try on your walking boots.

Still be prepared for spring outdoors

While the weather is forecast to be warmer it could still be rainy and windy...and UK weather is notoriously changeable. Make sure that when out and about that you carry gloves, hats and extra layers. A fine day in the hills and mountains in the UK can often become a rainy, or even a snowy, day and it’s important that you have enough clothing to stay warm and dry if caught out in such conditions.

* Tell us where will you be walking this spring?