The base layer is often seen as a piece of outdoor clothing and equipment that you need rather than something you really want. Compared to the time we take over choosing boots and rucksacks, it can be a little bit of a last minute thing when picking a base layer. However, when you take into consideration the following factors and take a little time about it could be said this piece of kit could be the comfiest and most hard working in your entire outdoor wardrobe. But what factors need to be considered, well here are some you need to look at.

Warmth: You will be better off looking for something that will keep you warm rather than toasty. Remember you will be wearing your other layers which will be doing the job of adding further insulation layers. Being too warm in just one layer doesn’t help. The first layer should always act like a thermostat, responding to your levels of activity and so regulating your heat level accordingly.

Breathability: Working with your actions a good garment should effectively carry excess heat and moisture (ie sweat) away from the skin. Depending on the manufacturer this is either one or two fabrics acting together.

Fabric: Either made from natural merino wool, synthetic fabrics, or a combination of both. The synthetic fabrics always wick’s well and dries out quicker and are more cost effective, but can trap odours, but manufacturers are now incorporating new treatments in the fabric to reduce this.  Merino is a natural fabric but is often a lot more expensive.

Fit: Ideally you want the fir to be tight to ensure the best warmth on colder days, but tight can be too clingy for some of us. A slightly looser fit can be better, especially for those of us who are, shall we say less athletically built than we used to be, and so allow us to wear it during the summer months. Always consider that the hem should cover all of your lower back even when you bend forward as you don’t want to expose bare skin to extremes of heat or cold, or to rocks and plants if attempting a scramble of any sort.

Colour and Style: Again more of something to consider if you want to wear it all year round, and the style of this piece of kit gives you plenty to choose from, including long and short sleeved options and the inclusion of half zips and crew necks

So more to think about than you thought, I’m sure but by no means exhaustive, so whatever piece of outdoor clothing and equipment you are looking for here at Outdoor Look we always offer the highest quality and the best discounts around, so check out the latest offers and fill that gap in your outdoor wardrobe.