When we’re with kids during an outdoor adventure, they’re often learning from us. Whether it’s how we/what to pack, or how to react to varying circumstances, they’re soaking up the information and will likely use that themselves.

But by observing how kids react when they’re out and about, there are plenty of things that we can learn too.


1. Get stuck in

In order to have a truly memorable adventure, you need to create memories with your family and friends – so don’t be preservative, go for it!

We don’t really want to get dirty, but don’t worry about it. Often, the most memorable trips are those that we’ve pushed the boundaries and done things that we wouldn’t usually.

Do as your kids do – they’re often much happier than we are to get dirty, much to their parents displeasure! Whether they’ve been rolling down a muddy hill or playing football in the sand, they put enjoyment before anything else.

2. Make the best of the situation

Getting annoyed when accidents happen is pointless especially if there isn’t a lot you can do about it. Whether you’ve ripped a hole in your trousers or the zip on your jacket has broken, try and make the best of it. Do as your child may do – use as much duct tape as possible to secure it as best you can!


3. Push the boundaries

Risk-taking is all part of outdoor adventures as a child, as we each push ourselves to the limit to discover our abilities across a variety of activities. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that accidents may occur – but grazes and bruises are all apart of improving, it encourages us to try again in order to succeed.

Adults are a lot more likely to be conservative with how far they push themselves, but taking the odd calculated risk in order to improve is definitely worth it!

4. Holding hands offers security

Holding hands is a common thing to do for kids, either with their parents or friends. Providing stability and that extra sense of security, holding hands can help us to try new things with the mental thought of a safety blanket.

But it doesn’t have to just be for kids, adults can do it too. When you’re climbing up a mountain, it’s good to have that extra bit of security and know that someone’s there to help if you make a mistake.

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