What is the difference between outdoor coats and jackets? Is it a coat or a jacket? Most of us would probably say that they are actually the same thing and that the terms can be interchanged. However, they are actually two similar but different garments that we all confuse, even the so called fashion experts.

If you look at the actual definitions then a coat is a long outer piece of clothing with sleeves that is worn over other clothes, usually for warmth. However, the garment’s history is that it originated as something that was worn as a form of protection from weapon attack. The “coat of mail”, was actually constructed from chain mail, which is a series of riveted metal rings and provided an effective defence against slashing blows by an edged weapon and penetration by thrusting and piercing weapons. In fact a study undertaken by the Royal Armouries in Leeds concluded that it almost impossible to penetrate using any conventional medieval weapon. However, over time it evolved as other materials became available supplanting the popularity of cloaks and capes in the eighteenth century and by the early nineteenth century the coat was worn by nearly everyone and became a fashion item in its own right.

The jacket, or ‘short coat’, has developed as an offshoot of the coat. Traditionally the jacket was a specific type of garment worn under the coat. It is defined as being short than the coat with jacket lengths normally extending to the upper thigh.

However, modern usage has blurred this distinction and people now call both garments by both names. So whatever you want what to wear be it a jacket or coat, your choice of outdoor coats and jackets here at Outdoor Look is second to none, with all the latest styles and materials from the top names that you know and trust. Check out the latest bargains to be had.