With eyes already set on the summer and trying to decide where to go and what to do I thought I would go through my existing kit and see what best outdoor clothing I should pack. This led me to think what do I actually need to take, so after a little bit of research on the old internet I found various lists and working between them and the type of walking I want to do I have come up with a list which I think would probably be the minimum I would need for seven days, considering I will not be camping.

Although this is not meant to be definitive in any way, have a look and see if you think if there is anything I have missed. All comments gratefully received.

For actual clothing I narrowed everything down to:

3 fleeces or warm sweaters – most likely two fleeces and one sweater.

3 shirts

3 t-shirts

2 shorts

3 trousers (2 for walking, 1 for evening)

7 socks (5 for walking, 2 ordinary)

7 pairs underwear

1 pair trainers

1 pair normal shoes

1 pair walking boots (although this will be worn on daily basis so do I include them in packing?)


Waterproof jacket and trousers (we all know what a British Summer can be like)

2 caps (personal preference here would be baseball caps)

First Aid Kit

Thermos and Water Bottle

Sun Screen (we live in hope)

Compass and Whistle

Appropriate OS Maps

35L Rucksack

Wash and Shaving Kit

Whilst I know I can pick up the best outdoor clothing from Outdoor Look, let me know if you think this list is good enough and contains enough or is missing something vital. Now I’m off to check out the latest arrivals on the website to see if they alter my list.