Think about some of the big names in outdoor clothing and you'll find that many have their roots in work wear for outdoors workers, such as tree fellers, construction workers and engineers. The advantage of these outdoor clothing products is that they are built to cope with extreme conditions and to offer excellent wear. So it follows that when such brands as Timberland, Dickies and Carhartt become more mainstream they offer excellent value for money and high quality.

You might have heard of Timberland and Dickies, but what about Carhartt?

It was Hamilton Carhartt, who was born in 1855 in Macedon Lock, New York, who first came up with the Carhartt brand. His first clothing products were aimed at railroad engineers. Starting with only four sewing machines and five staff, the first products manufactured were overalls in duck and denim fabrics. According to the Carhartt website: "With entrepreneurial vision and determination, Hamilton Carhartt established a brand that has stood the test of time."

In the early 1900s the company had established more than 17 plants and three mills throughout America. Hamilton Carhartt passed away in 1937 at the age of 82. Today, his company remains a family-owned operation committed to the mission of providing Best-in-Class apparel for the active worker.

In the 21st century, Carhartt has also become the popular choice of people who enjoy being active outdoors. The casual clothing ranges for men, women and children are still made to high quality standards but offer more fashionable looks and colours.

What is the Carhartt brand good for?

Carhartt clothing copes with cold, tough conditions and activities that require strong fabrics. Carhartt is a good choice if you need to spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter months, whether it is for work or for activities such as caring for horses, marshalling at sports events, taking the family for a country walk - or even strolling with the kids to school on a wintry day. 

The range of clothing includes jeans, pants, shirts, jackets, thermals and footwear. 

In particular, the women's range is impressive with five different fits of jeans. Shirts and tops, while practical, also have beautiful feminine detailing and for times when you need to be smart but casual - and still warm - Carhartt makes an excellent choice.

Think of chilly mornings standing on the sidelines of your son's football or rugby match or a bonfire night or an evening of ice skating. 

If Carhartt can save lives in this video, think how well it will cope in freezing Britain! Check out this Carhartt video:

We'll be bringing you more Carhartt vidoes in future blogs. They are short, imaginative and reveal the benefits of Carhartt clothing for ordinary folks.