We often find ourselves in need of a good outing and trails are the best way to spend your time in the great outdoors. However, sitting in that office all week long, we end up neglecting our health. I have something you can try while on a trail that can help you build your strength, gain muscles or become leaner and more flexible. This method can help you on and off trail just the same.

If you are looking for ways to build up your muscles or increase your strength, doing it on a trail is a better option that I prefer personally. Undertaking body-weight exercises in your daily routine help build up strength which helps the body become more flexible and you are able to gain control over the body.

Here are some running-circuit workouts that can be carried out on trails. The combination of trail running and bodyweight exercises help in building up muscles, burning excessive body weight along with increasing your cardiovascular strength to the core so you can build endurance through the trail.

Exercise as you walk

The best way to squeeze in some workout in your trail-walking is by following a simple rule. Start your trail off smoothly, run for about 5 minutes and do 20 alternating lunges for the first set. As you go ahead on your trail and as the distance decreases, the amount of workout will increase. Run another 4 minutes and squeeze in 20 lunges along with 10 push ups. After running for another 3 minutes on the trail, make it a little harder and add 25 squats to your previous workout. As you run for another two minutes, add 5 T-planks to the list and complete your route.

A Guide to Perform These Exercises

  • Squats using your bodyweight-

Squats help strengthen your calves. This exercise requires you to push your hips all the way back as you stand with your knees bended, just as you would sit on an invisible chair in the air. Let your thighs come parallel with the ground and push through your heels to return to a standing position 

  • Sideways planks (also known as T-Planks)-

A T-plank is a position where you are already holding your body in the push up position only to turn to a side plank position with your right arm extended in the air and resting your weight on your foot. Hold this position and return back to the push up position and repeat with the left arm extended

  • Improve your posture with push ups-

To get the perfect posture for a push-up, make sure your arms are extended with your shoulders over the elbows supported by the wrists lying flat on ground. Your elbows need to bend to a 90-degree angle along with your abs braced and your glutes squeezed. Now push back with your shoulders at a 45-degree angle and come back to your original position

  • Alternating your lunges-

With perfect posture comes better results. Stand still and take a big step backwards while pushing the whole weight of your body on your front heel. Both your knees are to be at a 90-degree angle and return to your original position by pushing through your front heel. Repeat this for both the legs

Although this is a pretty simple and manageable routine, there are some things you can try while exercising so as to not get tired. You can also keep experimenting and turn your trail runs into full-fledged body workouts which will save a lot of time and be beneficial for you and your body.