While we all what value for money and are always seeking the best quality and discount outdoor wear, in South Korea the trend is definitely something different all together. Hiking is akin to a national pastime and millions take to the country’s mountain parks and trails every weekend, and if you want to blend in that money talks.

The ages, stamina and motivation of thee nation’s walkers and hikers may vary considerably, but the one common factor is the trend to have the latest brand-name gear. Mount Bukhansan, at 2,744 feet, is Seoul’s highest peak and while this is no Snowdon (3,560 ft) or Ben Nevis (4,409 ft) the people who can be seen going up and down seem dressed for an attempt on the north face of the Eiger (13,027 ft) at the very least. Everyone is out to impress, even middle-aged housewives out for there weekend walk, are kitted out from head to foot in the most up to date equipment and clothing they can afford.

The country saw an increase in popularity in the pursuit of outdoor activities in the late 1980s as the population was inspired by the hosting of the Olympic Games in 1988, and this was followed by another surge of interest in the late 1990s but this was triggered by a very different event, namely the Asian financial crisis. As unemployment rose the country introduced a slogan “remain healthy for comeback”. So those with no jobs took up walking as a cheap way of staying fit and active. This was backed up by the government opening up new trails and the creation of hiking courses, a definite plus in a country possessing amazing scenery.

Now as the good times return for the country, disposable income is on the increase and leisure time has also increased so as a result the outdoor market has since a fivefold increase in just six years. There has also been a crossover as the gear has been taken up by younger more fashion-conscious South Koreans and seen as trendy street gear.

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