Can a good walking habit help you fight disease; here are some interesting points from different research around the world.


Stress – It’s been found that 47% of the world’s population suffer from some form of stress according to a study by the American Psychological Association. So what are the other 53% doing? Well a University of Missouri report found that “moderate intensity exercise performed regularly resulted in lower stress levels’ or walking to you and me.


Depression – Around 2.9million Britons are diagnosed as suffering from depression. One in three of us will be affected by it during our lifetime. But Portuguese researchers showed that depressed patients who took a 30-45 minute walk, five days a week, for 12 weeks, resulted in a 26% remission rate; as against a zero remission rate for the non-walkers. So score another one for walking.


RSI – Nearly 4.2 million working days are lost each year as a result of repetitive strain injuries. Yet the tension and tight muscles that form a big RSI risk factor can be eased with regular walks that loosen up the joints. The report from the University of Tente, in Holland, also showed that walking breaks relaxed the body and helped prevent RSI. Well another feather in the walker’s cap.


Diabetes – Britain has the fastest growing rate of diabetes in the western world, says Diabetes UK. However research in Australia has shown that those middle aged people who increased the number of steps per day to the recommended 10,000 had a lower BMI, less fat around the stomach and better insulin sensitivity than those who didn’t. Score another point for the walkers.


Bowel – Bowel, or Colon, cancer is now the third most common in the UK, with almost one hundred people being diagnosed each day. But, research from Washington University has shown that regular, consistent exercise can reduce the risk of colon cancer. So, that’s another plus for walking.


Walking is therefore a big positive for health and happiness, so get those new men’s walking boots on (and the ladies too), and to paraphrase Brucie, keep walking!!