Walking is a good habit and walking all year round no matter the temperature has some benefits on your body and mind. However, the scene during winters changes drastically. The clocks go back, mercury drops below freezing point and of course, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. The walkers in such a situation need to stay more active as well as cautious.  

When winter creeps in slowly, you do not have to hike to mountain ridges to understand the necessary things you need to carry to keep the dangers away. It is quite tempting to wrap up yourself as safe as possible to keep the outside cold at bay. Do not let winter set you off track from your weight loss goals.

Go For a Steady and Moderate Walk

Instead of walking fast and sweating rapidly, go at a moderate and steady pace. Research shows that going at a consistent pace will help you lose weight faster that inconsistent and rapid walking. Experts also believe that going at a faster pace and then coming back to normal speed has great benefits on your body.

Use Smart Clothing Techniques

When you are about to take a walk or hike during the winters, the key is to layer up smartly rather than just wrapping up yourself with all the warm clothes. Forget your old college sweatshirt and get something new and fleecy for yourself. Consider using multiple layers so that you can take them off whenever required. Layer your inner lining with synthetic fabric that will wick away sweat and keep you dry. The middle layer needs to be insulating and you can go for two thin layers for the middle one.

Do not forget about socks and if possible, you can also use a mask loosely around your mouth and nose to save yourself from that icy cold wind.

Healthy Diet Is a Must

It is important to follow a healthy diet before and after winter walking or hiking. In fact, even if you are planning to camp, it is important that you carry food, snacks and hot beverages with you. Keep fruits, vegetables and other healthy food items like whole wheat breads and lean meat on top of your food list. Both quality and quantity matters in this respect since, you are going to burn more calories.

Let People Know

It is important to let people know where you are going and before going for a walk or hike, let your friends and family members know where you are heading. This will help you in time of emergency.

Taking the Essentials

Do not forget to take essentials with you like a rucksack, warm or hot drink, snacks, nutritious food, head torch, and a first aid kit. A GPS and a map should also come in handy if you do not want to mess up the navigation. To be on the safe side, carry a whistle in your pocket that is easy to reach in the time of need. Your clothing and footwear need to be clean, and as per the condition outside.

Some Essentials Tips to Remember

Do not let your body overheat and it is a good idea to let the heat escape. You can do so by whipping up your hat or opening the zip of your jacket at regular intervals. Quick ventilation while you are walking is always helpful and helps you stay steady while you are walking.