Rising from the boggy moors located between Glen Fyne and Ben Lui, Corbett Meall an Fhudair is one of the most stunning places in Scotland with a calming remote feeling. Situated near the small village of Inverarnan, the mountain offers fine views from its summit. A walk through this summit can be a real thrill that you must try for once.

Beginning the Walk

This 9-mile walk would be perfectly satisfying and rewarding only if you choose the right weather and time. Early winters would be perfect to witness the snow-capped hills and the large landscape with wildlife.

You can pull over on the side of the A82 highway when you reach the Glen Falloch farm. This is less than a mile northwards to the small village of Inverarnan. It would be better if you can share a car as the parking space is really tight.

Upon reaching, you would see a track that is heading upwards through the wilderness. To begin your walk, you need to find the landmarks that lead you to the path into moorland.

Look for the Landmarks

Following the track, you will reach a bridge built over a train line and further towards a zigzag trail. When you reach a fork on the track, go for the route on the right side near the large pylon. Continue walking around the bump in the Troisgeach Bheag landscape.

Upon reaching grid reference of 310199, you need to start climbing a rough slope that is situated off the track. You will find several short sections on the slope, but nothing that can be followed continuously.

After about 600 meters, snow patches would begin which calls for you to be much more careful in keeping on the right route. The terrain has large green patches along with snow.

After passing by several large pylons, a flatter section would appear, after which you need to climb again following the wide ridge.

Reaching the Corbett

Just 2km before the summit of the Corbett you will spot a cairn on Troisgeach while walking in the west direction. Depending on the time of the year you are visiting (mostly winter), you would be walking on the snow. However, the terrain is generally boggy and hummocky, most of the year.

Although it is not far from the parking on the main road (4 miles), this section feels really wild and remote. You can see the beautiful Loch Fyne, Beinn Bhuidhe, and Loch Fyne. At 764 meters, you would reach the Meall an Fhudair.

It’s a great spot for having lunch. The stunning scenery and the calming wind is nothing less than a divinity.

The Descend

You can choose the same route to go back or follow a circuit that lies between Meall an Fhudair and Meall nan Caora. The descending path would be a steep slope in northwest direction. The trail is bumpy and wet, and further reaches a path that contours down the side of the mountain. When you reach a series of water intakes feeding the Loch Sloy hydropower scheme, join the path on the side of the mountain. 

A huge water pipeline is also a landmark on the hillside. This continually undulating path will take you in the south-east direction. The route turns wider and eventually meets the path located at the beginning of the outward route.

The entire walk would be a totally satisfying experience majorly because of the remoteness and the refreshing wind. The approach to the Corbett is also easy and takes around 4 hour 45 minutes to complete.