Summer means indulging in a lot of activities and being outdoors for most of the day. The bright and cheery summer months are the best if you are into hiking and adventures. This article covers 5 easy walking routes for you to explore this summer.

Carding Mill Valley

A rather underrated place, the Carding Mill Valley falls at the start of the Shropshire Hills. The place is often neglected as a walking spot due to its proximity to the Snowdonia National Park which attracts more people.

But if you ever were to visit the valley, there are various routes that you can walk through depending on how easy or tough you want the walk to be. E.g., you can go up a short walk to the waterfall or a long 5-mile walk to the top of the Long Mynd.

Reach the main car park using the postcode SY6 6JG and start your walk right away after heading up the valley.

The waterfall walk is a short 3-mile walk and the long and challenging Long Mynd walk covers around 5-miles.


Tarn Hows

A circular walk around the tarn, this route offers you scenic views of the mountain and is one of the most visited sites in the Lake District. The place was altered by its landowner in the 1800s by changing three small tarns into larger ones that we see today. He planted many conifers around them to create a breathtakingly beautiful view. Beatrix Potter was so fascinated that she brought the Tarn Hows in 1930.

A car park is located at coordinates 54.38713, -3.03899 which can be tracked through your satellite navigation.

A swift 2-mile walk that can be easily covered whilst enjoying the scenic beauty.

The Roaches to Luds Church

If you have been to or heard of Peak District, then you must have heard of the Roaches to Luds Church walk which is one of its famous walks. The Roaches is a ridge that has steep rises and offers several routes to walk through. But the circular routes in the Ramshaw Rocks, Hen Cloud, and Lud’s Church cover most of the area and scenic views.

Use the postcode ST13 8UB to reach the parking area from where small lay-bys are present from where you can start your walk.

The back-and-forth journey adds up to around 6 miles and involves climbing some steep slopes and hills.

Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door

A stroll along the Jurassic Coastline is refreshing and fills you with positive energy. The Lulworth Cove walk beholds beautiful views and follows a terrain consisting of cliff tops towards the arched Durdle Door. Witness a stunning scene of peregrine falcons that nest on the cliffs.

The parking area is located at the main Lulworth Cove car park with the postcode BH20 5RQ. From there, you have to walk to the beach from where you can start your journey.

The walk is a part of the 630-mile South West Coach Path and is 2.5-miles long.


Steall Falls

Located near Fort William in Scotland, the Steall Falls Walk is a short walk. The route navigates through the Nevis George of the Ben Nevis mountain range to the Steall Falls. During the walk, you can get lucky enough to spot a wide range of fauna from the Highland Cattle to the Golden Eagles.

Reach the starting point by following the directions of the postcode PH33 6SY and going along the terrain and signs from there.

The walk is a short one of 2 miles but gets challenging due to the steep terrain.