Continuing to road test our products out in the field, I have been using two different brands of walking poles and here are my thoughts. Do you agree with them? Would you recommend another of our products? If so why not let us know your experiences



Trekmates Hiker Anti Shock Aluminium Pole Black


3 section Telescopic aluminium pole

Cushioned grip

Anti-shock system

Maximum length 135cm. Packed size 68cm approx

Weight: 320g per pole

Price: Only £11.52 each

Setting out on my first walk with this walking pole it was certainly light, easy to use and adjust making use of the telescopic nature of the pole. The padded handle made it easy to hold and use and worked well over a variety of surfaces, from woodland paths to steeper hill slopes. The built in anti shock system certainly made a difference when coming down hills, something that can slow me up considerably. The use of the poles meant I made better time than I normally would, and my knees especially felt the benefit. Two are definitely better than one, and they are definately sturdy in their construction, but light enough not to be noticeable when hung off the rucksack. As someone who has been slightly against using walking poles I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. The wrist loop on the pole is something I wasn’t sure about but was indeed comfortable and didn’t get in the way. Overall I think I will be having a word with the boss about keeping this product.

In a Nutshell:


Craghoppers Travel Compact Walking Pole



Easy to pack

Aircraft grade aluminium

Composite cork walking stick style handle

Basket and road foot

Weight: 312g

Price: Only £9.80 each

Again this particular pole has a telescopic design so is adjustable to your height and adapts well to a range of surfaces. The twist adjustment is secure and no tightening was required during the day. It has a walking stick style handle which I found a little difficult to use when travelling down slope. Even though it was padded and well made, I think it just didn’t suit my style of walking. The pole is certainly lightweight and would fit easily in your suitcase if travelling a bit farther afield, and it is definately well made and did help me get through the day’s hiking. It was more comfortable to use when on flatter woodland paths rather than hill slopes, but again I think this was simply down to my walking style and how I have come to use walking poles. If you are looking for a little extra stability when you are out walking, this would be ideal.

In a Nutshell:



Verdict: Both products are well made, adjustable and certainly do the job and are both easily cleaned at the end of the day. The Craghoppers would definitely make a great travel companion for its lightness and size. However, the handle style just wasn’t my cup of tea.  The ski type grip and feel of the Trekmates pole just felt better when I was walking, especially when going down hill as I felt I got more support for my knees. Even though it cost a couple of pounds more, it would certainly be used more when I go walking.