When it comes to buying clothing most walkers put a lot of time and effort into picking the right boots and even more time into finding the right waterproofs, soft shells, fleeces and base layers, yet it’s the old legs “Mark I” that do all the hard work. So what is out there for them and how should we decide what to buy? Well, as with most outdoor gear there is no right and wrong, just personal preference, but here’s some points to consider.


Fit – loose enough in the leg to allow easy movement, but not so loose that they flap about in the wind and rub up the inside of your leg. The waist needs to fit well enough to stop them falling down, but it shouldn’t dig in. Elasticated panels and an adjustable webbing belt, or at least belt loops will offer maximum versatility.

Fabric – It needs to be light, wind-resistant, quick-drying and, ideally, hard-wearing.

Pockets – Hip pockets are the standard, but you can’t really keep much in them when walking. Therefore it’s always handy to have at least one secure zipped pocket for valuables and perhaps a cargo pocket on one leg for a map/guidebook.

Durability – Reinforced knees and seat can mean they will last longer.

Ankle Cuffs – These should be loose enough to go over the cuff of your boots but not so loose they flap like a pair of flares.

Versatility – If you are buying them as a dedicated walking trousers, then performance can be the most important thing to consider and look at something designed for the kind of walking you do: but if you are looking to use them for casual wear as well as outdoors then it may be best to compromise on certain aspects.

At the end of the day it’s all about your own personal preference, so have a look through some of our best-selling walking trousers and see what can be added to your walking wardrobe!