Shortly before midday on Sunday two experienced walkers, well equipped for the prevailing conditions, were winched to safety from Harts Fell ridge near Moffat in Dumfries and Galloway after a path gave way. Taken to a farm close by both men, in their sixties, were checked out and were found to be unhurt but very shaken by their experience.

The two walkers had been following a well known and established path along the ridge when it literally fell away beneath their feet and one man slipped down a sheer slope, but was able to grab hold of his companion’s shepherd’s crook who managed to stay at the top of the slope. He held on for forty-five minutes until a Sea King helicopter, out on a training flight from RAF Prestwick, arrived on the scene.

The helicopter had to hover almost 100ft above the walkers and lower down a crewman to assist. This was to avoid dislodging further material from the slope or the walkers themselves with downwash that the helicopter creates. However, they successfully secured a strop around the stranded walker before lifting him to the helicopter. The same procedure was then used to lift the second walker.

Both men were later dropped off by police at their own car and were ablke to get home under their own steam.

Situated six miles north-east of Moffat, Hart Fell is the highest hill in Dumfriesshire at 2,651ft (808m), so it goes to show that your situation can change quickly so you need to be well equipped and ready, so whatever the weather you need to be wearing the right kit, especially footwear, to give you the right support and durability to stand up to the weather and terrain. The Teva Raith Mid Walking Boot is a great example, packed with the latest technological advances to make sure your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long.