So here are a couple of tips from my personal experience. 

First, make sure you don your walking boots and outdoor clothing so you’re prepared for all weathers, and if walking in the autumn/winter try to make sure you have something reflective on you – just in case your walk overruns.

Next, walk on the side of the road facing on-coming traffic – it may sound like common sense but you’d be amazed how many people I’ve seen who don’t do this.  Just be careful near bends – sometimes I’ve found it safer to cross the road so a vehicle has more opportunity to see me.

You should also always keep an ear out for vehicles – that way you’ll be well prepared for when they get close to you.  If you’re walking with a dog, make sure it’s on the lead and under control – preferably make it sit.

While this summer’s weather may have been miserable – I’ve rarely been without my Helly Hansen jacket and walking trousers – some of the walks I’ve done around the UK have been incredible, just remember to be careful on those roads.

Let us know your tips for safe walking….