Scrolling through a Facebook post of a UK-based hikers’ group, I came across a query where someone who was on a vacation in the UK, was asking for recommendations for places to visit in the Peak District. There were dozens of comments on the query which piqued my interest and I hopped onto the comment section. But to my amazement, most comments on the post were about places that should not be visited rather than the ones that should be visited. Among the places that were not recommended by everyone to visit, the Mam Tor aced the charts. Most comments read, “It’s overcrowded”, “best avoided”, etc.

But I thought to myself if people were complaining about the place being overcrowded and having parking space issues when they visited on the weekends, then why not visit it on a weekday, instead of completely abandoning this beautiful place. There are other famous places as well like the Ben Nevis, Helvellyn, Snowdon, etc. but no one ever tells you not to visit them even though they are always busy, then why should we skip this one?

The Mam Tor is one of the many tourist spots located in the Peak District and is on the must-see list of locations when visiting the UK.  And if you visit during the right time, you are a lucky champ to have had the opportunity to cherish the scenic beauty that it offers. A few months ago, ITV rated the Mam Tor Walk at number 10 of Britain’s 100 Favourite Walks. The place is pretty much accessible and as the only walk in the Peak District that features in the top 20 favourite walks, one must visit it.

The unique quality of Peak District is that one can mix and match multiple routes and activities during the same day and thereby, have an adventurous time. Someone with a good enough fitness level can opt for the Castleton to Mam Tor walk, going over the Great Rudge and then back into the Castleton village. It is an eight-mile walk and can be covered in a couple of hours. Following this route gives one more time to explore other places as well and indulge in other activities. Some other walks in Peak District include the Winnat’s Pass and the Chrome Hill.

Knowing the Route

Reach the valley via car or by foot to get to the Limestone Way at Cave Dale in Castleton and then start walking uphill until you reach an open ground beholding the picturesque views of Mam Tor. Next, you have to cross the fields and walk straight towards Mam Tor where you will reach the car parking from there you need to walk towards the trig point before entering the pathway along the ridge. Finally, you have to keep moving towards the village of Hope and from there you can follow the track along the river edge that takes you back to Castleton.

Time and Distance

The route is 8-miles long approximately and can be covered in a few hours.

Parking Spaces

Castleton offers many parking spaces when visiting on a weekday. I usually prefer parking on Buxton Road, which has the signboard for Peak Cavern and the Devil’s Arse. From there, it is a short walk to the start of the Mam Tor Walk via the Cave Dale village.