So you have all the gear for outdoors, rucksack – check, boots – check, shorts/trousers – check, top check. Right off we go and to add a further smile as you enjoy the sunshine the National Trust have come up with a list of funny walks and place names that only the English would giggle at like a fourteen year old schoolboy. Here’s a couple for you to think about, well some of us never properly grow up anyway.


On the Isle of Wight, famous for sailing and fossils, why not pick your way to The Nostrils. This three mile costal ramble takes in some of the best preserved world war two defences and great views over Sandown and Whitecliff Bays. The area gets its name from an ancient belief that the central chalk down spine of the island resembled a dragon with The Needles being its Tail and the Bembridge Foreland being the Head, one for you to make.


Booby’s Bay in Cornwall is not, as you giggle at the back, anything to do with ladies disrobing but is in fact named after a seabird related to the gannet which can often be seen diving into the sea during stormy weather. This four mile walk offers stunning views across Constantine Bay while you might see some rare bird and plant life.


Windy Gap in Surrey is now a two mile walk through woodland but was once open heathland and has been a popular picnic spot since the nineteenth century. Featuring the highest point in South East England you can see, allegedly thirteen counties on a clear day, from Leith Hill Tower.


Last but by no means least we travel back to Cornwall and look at the four mile walk that takes in Slappers Rock. While this does have certain meaning today, it is thought the name originally comes from the sound the waves hit the shoreline or possibly that ‘slap’ meant a place that was slippery and muddy. The walk itself is a varied mix of cliff tops, woodland and meadow, stretching from Glendurgan Garden to the Helford River.


So there you have it, a few of the funny and slightly rude names that crop up across England, so get your gear for outdoors together and see if you find somewhere with a funny name near to where you live.