With the glorious weather set to continue into next week, let’s use that UK outdoor gear in our wardrobe and get outside and use it. I have given details of local walks around Macclesfield in previous blogs and here is another, alas one I’ve not done in quite a while, but maybe this weekend. Bollington is right on Macclesfield’s doorstep and is home to some of the best pubs in the area too, so I just might try and combine the two by following one of the routes devised by a local author.

This circular route stats and finishes at one of the best hostelries in the area, namely The Vale, so can make sure I am thoroughly hydrated before the start of this 4.5 mile route.

We begin with a steep climb up the lane to the north side of Happy Valley, one of the local names for Bollington although there are others which I couldn’t possible include on this blog. At the top a path leads out across the fields before dropping back down and crossing the main road out of Bollington that heads towards Pott Shrigley. After skirting the boundary of Savio House we actually join a part of The Gritstone Trail which leads you up the side of Kerridge Ridge. If you want a little diversion, then at this point head to Waulkmill Farm for a look a t a great little waterfall on the River Dean.

Anyway the Trail leads you past the base of Kerridge Hill with local landmark White Nancy stands on the top. It was originally built as a summer house in the early nineteenth century by the Gaskell family. However, it has been painted various colours over the years, both officially and unofficially, to celebrate various charities and other local events; for example during World War II it was painted green to blend in with the hill so that it couldn’t be used as a landmark for German bombers heading for Manchester.

On the other side of the ridge you come into the village of Kerridge itself, past the Adelphi and Clarence Mills and upon reaching the canal you simply have to follow the path down back into Bollington, to the recreation ground and hurrah The Vale, for a well earned pint.

So a great opportunity to take in some local history, and beer, and I will get to use that UK outdoor gear I have bought from the website. Right, time to plan whether I can make this route a little longer; maybe I can include a couple more hostelries too.