We listed a number of festivals yesterday where you would get great use out of the items you get from outdoor clothing stores and today I though it would be a good idea to go into detail a little more on one of them, and totally at random I have chosen The Pendle Festival, which takes place from the 31st August to the 8th September.

Billed as the largest free walking festival in the UK, it is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and offers a choice of over 70 different walks from 2.5 mile loops to a massive single 28 mile challenge. This epic walk offers you the chance to take in Pendle Hill, Weets and Boulsworth all in one day, although places are limited and have to be pre booked, and there is a charge for this walk.

The history of the area features in a lot of the walks including the Pendle witches, church history, a chance to learn or improve your map and compass skills, an opportunity to try our Nordic walking, and even a chance to meet the local artist who was involved in the development of the new Sculpture Trail. The longest walk of the Festival is spread over four days and takes you from Barrowford to Lancaster, following the route of the Pendle witches as they went to trial and subsequent death

All in all there is something for walkers of all abilities and as I have a couple of days holiday that week then I think I will be travelling up to take in a couple of the mid range history walks. Especially on Friday 6th as a 7 mile walk is planned starting at Colne Railway Station, walking up around Old Ebby’s, Whitemoor, Lake Burwan, Carr’s and Brown Hill which are the five reservoirs that feed the summit of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Sounds like a perfect afternoon, with a walk leader to point out the history and I’m sure there’s a couple o pubs to visit at the end.

All I need to do is make sure I have all my gear from the outdoor clothing stores sorted and I will be on my way for a great day out.