You’ll have heard of the MAMILs? Middle Aged Men in Lycra! Over the last decade there has been something of a trend for MAMILs, as men of a certain age ditch the motorbiking cliché and take up road cycling instead. But now there is a new breed of cyclists: BUMMs.

BUMMs – or Biking Upwardly Mobile Men – are parking up the sports car for two-wheeled travel. Aged around 25 to 34, BUMMs tend to be single and well-off. Where once they would have favoured the Porsche, now they are opting for high end bicycles as the latest status symbol.

Cycling keeps on growing in the UK 

Research carried out by analysts Mintel found that wealthier men who are yet to marry and settle down are the latest group to be boosting bike sales. They have been nicknamed BUMMs!

These cyclists are looking for the very best in uber-bling bikes and gadgets. Just like a spots car would act as a status symbol, so it would need to be flashy and smart, so the push bike has to say something upwardly mobile about the rider.

We’re talking carbon fibre bikes and top-end brands. You can be sure that the bikes have high-spec components and these cyclists will most likely be seen wearing top of the range kit, such as Rapha or Assos.

The Mintel Bicycles UK 2012 survey also highlights another growing trend: Older generation cyclists who may have cycled as kids and who are now keen to get back on two wheels, but with the aid of electric assistance! There has been a rise in the sale of battery-assisted bikes to people over the age of 60.

Mintel predicts a rise in UK bike sales volumes of £150 million, from an estimated £650 million in 2011 to £801 million by 2016.

More cyclists joining clubs and groups

Added to this, the membership of social and competitive bicycle organisations has risen dramatically, nearly doubling for British Cycling over the past six years.

The UK’s largest cycling charity, the Cyclists’ Touring Club, has increased in size by around 8% per year to reach more than 70,000 members. Cycle charity, sporting and social events, both advanced and those for beginners, have increased year on year

The Bicycles UK 2012 survey revealed that 61% of people think that, “cycling is a great activity to do as a family” and almost half of respondents felt that cycling is “fashionable” today.

Stay cool on your bike

Cycling is a great way to feel the wind on your face - and to stay cool on long, hot summer days. You'll want to choose cycling clothing, such shorts and t-shirt jerseys for summer, but always remember to add a bike helmet and cover your skin in sun lotion. Our top tip is to make sure you buy padded shorts for men or women. The padding is different in each and you'll find women's cycle shprts more comfy if you're a woman and men's cycle shorts a better fit if you're  man. It's all to do with the padding!

We're loving the rise and rise of cycling in the UK. What do you think?