Gliding on the snow or skiing is one of the fun outdoor activities which both children and adults love to indulge in. Skiing is done at different heights like downhill, uphill, or flat surface. You can choose your ski type based on your expertise. But if you are going to do it for the first time, you should know the multiple types of skiing to choose a suitable type for yourself. Here is a list of types of skiing for beginners.

  1. Downhill Skiing

Downhill or alpine skiing is the most popular type of skiing. It is done at a pisted ski resort. You’ll be given chairlifts, button lifts, and gondolas to reach the top of the hill and ski down the pistes. The skiers put on the boots that clip into fitted-heel bindings mounted to skis to prevent leg injuries. You can take lessons to learn alpine skiing from the ski schools at the ski resorts to improve your skiing skills.

  1. Freestyle Skiing

It is considered as an acrobatic type of skiing which includes rotations, jibs, and jumps. For freestyle skiers, it is a playful sport. They use alpine skis and bindings with two tips which allow them to move back and forward. It is usually done at a downhill resort where the surface is suitable for freestyle skiing.

  1. Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is also known as Nordic or XC skiing which is done on snow-covered landscapes and relatively flat surface. Long and thin skis and flexible boots are required to do it perfectly. In this type of skiing, the skiers tend to go uphill.

There are two types of cross-country skiing:

  • Stride Skiing: it is a type of cross-country skiing where your skis stay parallel when striding and gliding backward and forward.
  • Skate Skiing: it requires shorter skis than stride skis. You have to stride your skis out to the sides to push yourself forward. It is somewhat similar to ice skating.
  1. Backcountry Skiing

Off-piste skiing or backcountry skiing is done off the groomed piste. Ski-touring is also a part of backcountry skiing. This is a flexible skiing type as the entire hill area is a play area of a skier.

Getting to the top of the mountains is the only challenge faced by the backcountry skiers. Some of them use downhill ski equipment like tech bindings to climb the hill and ski down backcountry.

  1. Telemark Skiing

Telemark skiing is similar to downhill skiing as skiers must go downhill, but the difference between them is the amount of movement flexibility. In Downhill skiing, the skier’s boots have fixed heel bindings whereas Telemark skiers have free heel bindings which provides them with enhanced range of movement while turning.

You’ll be happy to know that if you’re staying in a ski resort, these ski types are complimentary. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you’re going to enjoy skiing. So, plan your ski holiday today!