Do you travel a lot? Are you planning a vacation? Here are some tips for you to follow and avoid getting sick and for stayi ng healthy during your trip. Keep the following points in mind when you travel to have a fun and healthy journey.

Keep the Basics at Hand

Staying healthy doesn’t just come from eating healthy food and sleeping the day before you travel. Packing a first-aid kit is highly recommended when you are travelling. Things to include are antihistamines, sanitises and pain killers.

Get Good Rest

We often stay up late the day before we plan to travel for several reasons. It can be work pressure, not being able to pack your stuff on time or mere excitement of travelling. Whatever may be the reason, make sure you get plenty of rest before you travel. Your body needs rest and increased stress can weaken your immune system and can cause poor and delayed reactions while travelling.

What to Wear?

The key thing is to wear something comfortable and unrestricted. Make sure to keep a few things handy in your hand bag to deal with climate changes such as sun glasses, sun cream or maybe a hat and gloves. Wearing comfortable and cushioned footwear is essential while travelling as you may experience excess standing and walking.

Get a Comfortable Sleep During the Journey

If it is a long journey and you are not in control of the transport e.g. a long haul flight it is advisable to get some sleep to ensure you are refreshed for the rest of the journey, no matter how long or stressful it is.




Additional tips to keep in mind.

It is always better to refer to a few preventive measures before you travel to a destination, be it for leisure, vacation or business oriented.

  1. Always have water to hand- this will prevent you from becoming dehydrated causing lack of concentration and poor judgement. It will also help to ensure good health during your travels.
  2. Ensure basic first aid is accessible such as pain killers and antihistamines. You can never determine when you will need them.
  3. If the journey is long and if it is possible, do not stay in one position as it can cause joint and muscle pain.