The highest summit in Wales’ Clwydian Range, Moel Famau stands at 1818 feet, thereby falling short by 182 feet to become a mountain. Hence, despite giving you all the scenic pleasures of a mountain, it is described as a ‘bit of a hill’.  The lovely peak and its well-trodden paths make it a great spot for all the adventure lovers. Read on to explore more about this adventurous trail.

The starting point

Located about halfway between Ruthin and Mold, the Loggerheads Country Park is regarded as the best point to start your adventure towards Moel Famau. The fresh laid landscape and the spectacular view of the river valley make Loggerheads not only a great starting point to walk but also a great place to explore. Furthermore, you get a café and shop at Loggerheads from where you can take all the necessary supplies such as the OS map.  Have a glimpse at the predetermined walking paths and set your way through the woodlands. The winding paths along this route offer you perfect places to stop and take some pictures.

Some random routes

Well! With the OS map in hand, you can seek the opportunity of taking detours and explore the unexplored. Sometimes, strolling around the green paths and treading through the rocky terrains aimlessly tend to offer you a great deal of fun and a stress-free adventure.

Climbing up

As you arrive at the foot of Moel Famau, you would observe that those green routes surrounded by the canopy of the trees get replaced with arid and sandy grounds with patches of plants cracking from the edges. In other words, you would get a desert-like feeling at this point. Following the winding path, you would reach the peak to observe that the place looks more greener from the top.

Things to do

If you are an adventure lover, then you may intend to take the harder path with a steeper incline for getting the best views. On the tip of the hill, you would spot a trig pillar, which may prove to be the best spot for taking a selfie. Before settling for lunch, you may head towards the remains of a castle, which are originally parts of the Jubilee Tower, built back in 1810 to commemorate the golden jubilee of George III. The Chester based designer named Thomas Harrison designed this building bizarrely but the project could not get completed and was badly damaged by a storm in 1862. Through the original brickwork got destroyed, the safe remains of the building are sure to offer you some brilliant views.

Climbing down

After satisfying your appetite and grabbing some of the best pictures, you may head downwards choosing the gentle route. If you feel that this route would not give you any interesting view, then your assumption is wrong! As you walk down the trail, you would be treated to astonishing views through unspoiled heather moorland. Back down on the level ground, as you make you way towards your starting point, that is, Loggerheads, you may grab a cup of tea and enjoy it by the shades. The rest of your walk would be through plain and beak lands surrounded by high plants and hedgerow.

The mighty hill, Moel Famau has some brilliant views and surroundings, making it a worthy place for adventure lovers. Wear your hiking boots and head towards this place on a bright, sunny morning.